The Back of Beyond, affectionately known as BoB, is home to Joydeep Sarkar, (avid cook, biker & gardener) and Rashi Agrawal, (orchid grower & avid bird watcher). We have owned and lived in this wildlife haven for more than 8 years. After spending many years in planting thousands of native trees, shrubs and discouraging the villagers from chopping wood and fodder, the forest around thrives with abundant flora and fauna.We welcome you to come and experience true nature. Our home has been created to complement the surrounding and not compete with them. In each season nature paints a different canvas of the forest.


Come explore the lush green splendour during the monsoon and post-monsoon season. This is the time when trees dress up with some of the most spectacular blooms in the world – Orchids! The most beautiful creatures that crawl and those that fly come out in full force. There’s no better time to hone those photography skills.


Winter is a time for bonfires, BBQs, stars lit nights and exploring the world of astronomy. Enjoy taking leisurely treks around BoB – you may chance upon snow covered mountain peaks on the other side, spot busy yellow-throated martins and many a migratory bird making its annual journey.


Autumn time is to revel in the company of our flying friends. That’s right, birding! There are strong chances of sighting the resident Orange-bellied Leafbird or even the White-browed Scimitar Babbler – the only recorded sighting in Corbett of this elusive bird that shares our home.


Spring/Summer is one of the best times to visit. The crispy nights and clear days are ideal for lounging around, birding and setting up the camera trap to see what passed by while you were sleeping. Being birders ourselves, till today we have a record of spotting over 250 bird species, both resident and migratory. As BoB is nestled in the forest canopy, one gets an excellent photo ops of nature’s kaleidoscope.


There are a myriad of unique options that we offer. Feel free to write to us with your ideal getaway plan. Whatsapp us on +91-999 999 1692 or write to us on