At The Back of Beyond, we believe in maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature by minimizing the impact and preserving this rich bio diverse ecosystem.

Firstly, BoB is for the responsible traveller who understands the need for the above and helps us maintain this. We limit our footprint by having only 2 cottages.

We offer all the amenities and comforts required by a responsible traveller and would like to emphasize that we are a homestay and not a resort. Hence, please do not expect the services or facilities offered by resorts.

Please be aware of the following:

1) As we are located on the fringes of a forest reserve, cell phone connectivity is limited. We currently get Airtel signal in certain areas of the property, but it can be sketchy on certain days.

2) We truly offer a chance for our guests to UNPLUG, hence there is no electricity in the cottages. All cottages have plenty of candles for you to be able to enjoy the ambience of the jungle.

3) For your drivers and domestic help who accompany you, we will provide basic food and stay at Rs.300 per day. In case of consumption of the same food served to guests, we will charge Rs.650 per day.

4) Voodoo, Auli & Phantom, our dogs, complete the BoB family. They love company and are extremely well behaved and will not be enclosed or leashed.

5) Walking around outside the property after dark is not recommended as there is wildlife in the forests around.

6) Please note that there will be no internet available anywhere in the vicinity.

7) The nearest town is 40kms away. Please carry any specific medication you may need.

8) Torches and sensible shoes are a definite necessity.

9) Charging stations for phones and other basic electronics are available in the dining area.

10) If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

11) Avoid loud noises such as music, boisterous revelry and parties either in the day or night. While it can disturb other guests, this practically scares the life out of most birds and animals around, forcing them to abandon their homes – the Forest.

12) When hiking, avoid leaving behind trash such as plastic bottles, biscuit wrappers, and disposable plates. All you have to do is avoid littering or throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Always use the garbage cans and ash trays provided in your room and in all common areas in the property. Bag all your trash whether in a vehicle or on a trek. Be kind to the Forest. Help us keep it pristine and clean, just like you would like to find it.