Sometimes you just need to breathe in some clean air and let nature re-boot your mind. So take a break doing Nothing at all! Breathe easy. Take time out with friends. Read a book from the eclectic collection in our library. Make it a surprise get away with your loved one.

Feel free to write into us with your wish list, be it a hammock, a bonfire or a dinner for two under the stars…it would be our pleasure to make arrangements and add a bit of magic to your trip.



Jim Corbett’s writings about tracking and hunting man eating tigers can be found in our library. The trek to where The Mohan Maneater was shot is just a short distance away.  If you do not want to walk, hired transport can be arranged so you can drive around BoB and explore.

It is a world that holds compelling secrets for the explorer- a rare bird, a glimpse of the elusive cat, a flowering tree. For trekkers, bird watchers, wildlife photographers, artists, thinkers, plant lovers – the forest offers a treasure trove of nature’s wonders.

Easy walking treks around the property can be done along with our team. Write to us at or whatsapp us on +91-999 999 1692.



Did you know you can see a galaxy 2½ million light-years away with your naked eyes? Craters on the moon with binoculars? Countless wonders await you on any clear night. The first step is simply to look up.

Under the dark sky, basking in the light of a thousand stars, light a bonfire and gather around it for a magical time that is at once as contemporary as today and as historical as the discovery of fire.

Feel free to write to us if you want a night under the stars by the bonfire to experience a bit of star gazing.



Birding with a touch of luxury is what BoB is all about. With the jungle on all sides, bird life is abundant.  The current sighting by us is close to 250 species of birds across seasons within the property. With walking paths all around BoB, an avid birder can spot over 20 exotic species in a day during any season. Every season brings its own little gems that flutter about.

Located on the slopes of the Mohan range, BoB gives a birder the canopy advantage that makes photographing these gems a delightful experience.

Walking or driving birding excursions around the property can be arranged, write to us for details at or whatsapp us on +91-999 999 1692.



BoB resides along the boundaries of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Wildlife sightings are frequent. Camera traps and occasional day sightings include tigers, leopards, leopard cats, barking deer, sambhar deer, serow, mountain goat, yellow throated martins, civets, wild boar and porcupines. Go out as the sun sets to put the camera trap and rest easy till the morning. Awaken with the excitement of bringing the camera to check what crossed paths with it overnight.

The Back of Beyond is part of a robust ecosystem that is home to wild boars, elephants, foxes, wild rabbits, monkeys, jungle cats, tigers, leopards, mountain goat and hundreds of different species of plants, insects and birds. We are committed to protecting and maintaining the fragile balance between man and nature.

Walking or driving birding excursions around the property can be arranged, write to us for details at or whatsapp us on +91-999 999 1692.



We are avid gardeners and apart from the kitchen garden which supplies fresh produce for the table, a part of the premises is home to an orchid nursery. Uttrakhand has over 100 native orchids, 13 of which are found in the deciduous forest of Corbett.

If you are interested in having a weekend session on learning how to handle these exotics, please let us know.

“ We come from the earth, We return to the earth, and in between we Garden.”



Fishing (catch n release) excursions are also an option. It is a short and very pleasant drive to Bhikyasen (2 hrs or so) where one can attempt catching Mahaseer, Malli or Goonch.

Safaris into the park are also possible. The closest operational gate to enter is Durga Devi Gate. Drive time is 35 mins.

Do let us know in advance if you are interested in safaris or fishing excursions; we would be happy to coordinate with operators and set up the trips for you.